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Discover EasyBib's API
Step 1: Get an authorization code

Grant this client access to your data on EasyBib and get an authorization code:

Grant user scope Grant data scope Grant user and data scope

This client was created to demonstrate how to access EasyBib's hypermedia API using the OAuth2 Authorization Code Grant. OAuth2 is not simple to grasp in the beginning so we will guide you through the first steps.

For getting a working client you need three things:

  1. A redirect_url The redirect URL is the callback URL that EasyBib will return the the user to after successful authentication.
  2. A client_id and
  3. A client_secret which you will get when you register your first application on where you need to enter your redirect_url
  1. When you click on one of the scope links, your browser gets send to the authorization server.
  2. The authorization server checks 2 things
    • the client credentials (client_id and redirect_url) and if it is registered and allowed to access users data with the scope that was requested
    • if you are logged in (or gives you the option to do that now), to connect the your user account on EasyBib to this client
  3. If you clicked on the Yes, I Authorize This Request button the authorization server sends your browser with a query parameter code back to this client application, to Step 2.
  1. Behind the scene this client directly requests to exchange the obtained authorization code for an access token with the authorization server.
  2. The authorization server checked the user and the client and if all requirements are met and sends back the authorization code to the client. The client can now request resources from the resource server by presenting the access token.